TIP / WV DOH Projects

Ongoing Construction Projects

Each metropolitan planning organization (MPO) is required, under 49 U.S.C. 5303(j) , to develop a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)—a list of upcoming transportation projects—covering a period of at least four years.
The TIP is developed in cooperation with the state and public transit providers. The TIP includes capital and non-capital surface transportation projects, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and other transportation enhancements, Federal Lands Highway projects, and safety projects included in the State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The TIP also include all regionally significant projects receiving FHWA or FTA funds, or for which FHWA or FTA approval is required, in addition to non-federally funded projects that are consistent with the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).
For the Complete TIP Plan and its Amendments, please visit Document >> Plans & Studies.   

 Easton Hill Intersection Improvements

 (Mileground Rd and Point Marion Rd) 

The Mileground Road from Airport Road to Easton Elementary project is part of an overall plan to relieve traffic congestion, improve safety and provide better access to and from the greater Morgantown area.
This section of the project consists of widening and upgrading the Mileground Road WV 705 (US 119) to four lanes from the existing intersection Hartman Run Road/Airport Boulevard/Mileground Road to the intersection of Point Marion Road (US 119)/Cheat Road Monongalia CR 857/WV 705 (US 119) at the bottom of hill. Mileground Road will be realigned at the bottom of the hill to make Cheat Road the through traffic movement.
The comment period has ended.
Public Meeting Handout (External Link), WV DOH project web page (External Link) 

WV 7 & CR 857 Intersection Improvements

The purpose of the project is to improve the traffic flow at the intersection of WV 7 (Earl L Core Road) and CR 857 (Green Bag Road) in the Sabraton area of Morgantown, West Virginia. Originally six alternatives were studied for this area.
Due to the complex layout of the WV 7 with CR 857 and Connector intersection and its contribution to the overall poor traffic operations along the WV 7 Corridor, the study area was expanded to include the adjacent intersections. The alternatives have been narrowed down to four alternatives and a no-build option.
The comment period has ended.
Public Meeting Handout (External Link), WV DOH project web page (External Link) 

University Ave & Collins Ferry Rd Intersection Improvements

The University Avenue Intersection Project is located at the intersection of University Avenue (County Route 55), Collins Ferry Road (County Route 57), and Baldwin Street in the City of Morgantown. Commercial businesses with entry driveways are located in each quadrant around the intersection. The West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) is evaluating alternatives for the most cost effective solution to increase the level of service for this intersection.
​You may comment online or in writing. Comments are due by Monday, September 19, 2016. Those wishing to file written comments may send them to:

​      Mr. RJ Scites, P.E.
      Director, Engineering Division, WVDOH
      1334 Smith Street
      Charleston, West Virginia 25301​
Proposed Alternatives (External Link), WV DOH project web page (External Link) 

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